Traditiones, 41-1, 2012, 47–63

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DOI: 10.3986/Traditio2012410105   (PDF )

The Scholar Versus the Paganon Greencraft Tree Walks. Attunement, Imagination, and Interpretation

Léon A. van Gulik

Članek predstavi etnografijo rituala hoje okrog dreves belgijskega gibanja Greencraft Wicca. Opis služi kot pomoč za razpravo o pojmih refleksivnosti, reaktivnosti in dvojne hermenevtike. Na podlagi interpretacije podatkov avtor ugotovi, da je dvojna hermenevtika problem različnih kontekstov in ne toliko različnih skupin. Prilagoditev in razrešitev dvomov sta izpostavljeni kot načina preseganja nesporazumov med raziskovalcem [scholar] in raziskovanim.

This article offers an ethnography of a tree walk ritual of the Belgian Greencraft Wicca movement. The description is employed to discuss the notions of reflexivity, reactivity, and the double hermeneutic. By interpreting the data, the author concludes that the double hermeneutic is a problem of different contexts rather than between different groups. Attunement and suspension of disbelief are singled out as means to overcome misunderstandings between the scholar and the researched.

Ključne besede
sodobno poganstvo, Greencraft, dvojna hermenevtika, refleksivnost, reaktivnost

contemporary Paganism, Greencraft, double hermeneutic, reflexivity, reactivity

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