Submitted by stanka on Wed, 24/05/2006 - 10:13.

Miha Peče, Specialist Consultant


Miha Peče was born in 1972 in Ljubljana. In 2001 he graduated in the sociology of culture and art history from Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts. He is active in the field of ethnographic film and video, which was introduced to him during his student years by Naško Križnar. His main assignment within the audiovisual laboratory at the Institute of Slovenian Ethnology is recording and editing documentary units, handling multimedia projects, and digitization of the laboratory's archive. He is the author of several short experimental films and the co-organizer of various independent film events. He spends much time on various forms of film education, especially for young people. He participates in the Summer School of the Visual in Nova Gorica as an advisor and at occasional seminars for secondary school and university students.

Research interests: ethnographic film, documentary film, visual anthropology, visual research, visual media, media education.