Traditiones, 41-1, 2012, 37–46

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DOI: 10.3986/Traditio2012410104        (PDF )

An Investigation of the Traditional Music Session in Ireland’s Shannon Region

Nancy C. McEntire

Seznanjanje z irsko tradicijsko glasbo je bilo v preteklosti omejeno na specifične regije in se je opiralo na individualno poučevanje. Danes, ko posameznika nadomeščajo večje, manj osebne skupine glasbenikov, postaja vedno pomembnejše vprašanje, kako poučevati tradicijo.

Irish traditional music acquisition used to be restricted to specific regions and focused on personal instruction. Now that the individual player is being replaced by larger, less-personal groups of musicians, the question of how traditional learning is being accomplished becomes more critical.

Ključne besede
Irska, tradicijska glasba, učne ure, repertoar, napev

Ireland, traditional music, sessions, repertoire, tune

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