Traditiones, 36-1, 2007, 113–125

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DOI: 10.3986/Traditio2007360108        (PDF )
The Vow as Visual Feast. Honoring St. Joseph in Sicilian American Homes
Leonard Norman Primiano
Prispevek obravnava domače oltarje, ki jih ameriške Sicilijanke v pristaniški skupnosti v Gloucesterju (Massachusetts) postavljajo v čast sv. Jožefu. Ob obravnavi komunikacijske in ustvarjalne estetike verovanja in prakse je posebnega pomena bogatost votivne tradicije, ki izraža in ponazarja devet temeljnih značilnosti vernakularnega katolištva.


This article discusses the home altars built by Sicilian American women to honor St. Joseph in the seaport community of Gloucester in the state of Massachusetts. Of particular importance when considering the communicative and creative esthetics of this belief and practice is the rich way this votive tradition expresses and exemplifies nine fundamental characteristics of vernacular Catholicism.
Ključne besede
domači oltarji, votivi, ameriški Italijani, vernakularna religija, vernakularno katolištvo


home altars, ex voto, Italian American, vernacular religion, vernacular Catholicism
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