t of an integer operation caused the most significant bit of the result to carry.An exception occurred that does not have a description. Exception number %X.Stack overflow. The resource requirements of the runtime stack have exceeded the memory available to it.Segmentation Fault. The code attempted to access memory without priviledges.Illegal Instruction. The Code attempted to perfrom an illegal operation.Bus Error. The Code caused a system bus error.Floating Point Error. The Code caused an Arithmetic Exception or a floating point exception.Cannot delete rows from external files.Cannot update rows in external files.Unable to perform operation. You must be either SYSDBA or owner of the databaseSpecified EXTRACT part does not exist in input datatypeService %s requires SYSDBA permissions. Reattach to the Service Manager using the SYSDBA account.The file %s is currently in use by another process. Try again later.Cannot attach to services managerMetadata update statement is not allowed by the current database SQL dialect %doperation was cancelledunexpected item in service parameter block, expected %sClient SQL dialect %d does not support reference to %s datatypeuser name and password are required while attaching to the services managerYou created an indirect dependency on uncommitted metadata. You must roll back the current transaction.The service name was not specified.Too many Contexts of Relation/Procedure/Views. Maximum allowed is 127data type not supported for arithmeticDatabase dialect being changed from 3 to 1Database dialect not changed.Unable to create database %sDatabase dialect %d is not a valid dialect.Valid database dialects are %s.SQL warning code = %ldDATE data type is now called TIMESTAMPFunction %s is in %s, which is not in a permitted directory for external functions.value exceeds the range for valid datespassed client dialect %d is not a valid dialect.Valid client dialects are %s.Unsupported field type specified in BETWEEN predicate.Services functionality will be supported in a later version of the productdata base file name (%s) already giveninvalid switch %sincompatible switch combinationreplay log pathname requirednumber of page buffers for cache requirednumeric value requiredpositive numeric value requirednumber of transactions per sweep required"full" or "reserve" requireduser name requiredpassword requiredsubsystem name"wal" requirednumber of seconds requirednumeric value between 0 and 32767 inclusive requiredmust specify type of shutdownplease retry, specifying an optionplease retry, giving a database nameinternal block exceeds maximum sizecorrupt poolvirtual memory exhaustedbad pool idTransaction state %d not in valid range.unexpected end of inputfailed to reconnect to a transaction in database %sTransaction description item unknown"read_only" or "read_write" required -sql_dialect set database dialect nCannot SELECT RDB$DB_KEY from a stored procedure.Precision 10 to 18 changed from DOUBLE PRECISION in SQL dialect 1 to 64-bit scaled integer in SQL dialect 3Use of %s expression that returns different results in dialect 1 and dialect 3Database SQL dialect %d does not support reference to %s datatypeDB dialect %d and client dialect %d conflict with respect to numeric precision %d.WARNING: Numeric literal %s is interpreted as a floating-pointvalue in SQL dialect 1, but as an exact numeric value in SQL dialect 3.WARNING: NUMERIC and DECIMAL fields with precision 10 or greater are storedas approximate floating-point values in SQL dialect 1, but as 64-bitintegers in SQL dialect 3.SQL role %s does not existuser %s has no grant admin option on SQL role %suser %s is not a member of SQL role %s%s is not the owner of SQL role %s%s is a SQL role and not a useruser name %s could not be used for SQL roleSQL role %s already existskeyword %s can not be used as a SQL role nameSQL roles are not supported in on older versions of the database. A backup and restore of the database is required.Cannot rename domain %s to %s. A domain with that name already exists.Cannot rename column %s to %s. A column with that name already exists in table %s.Column %s from table %s is referenced in %sCannot change datatype for column %s. Changing datatype is not supported for BLOB or ARRAY columns.New size specified for column %s must be at least %d characters.Cannot change datatype for %s. Conversion from base type %s to %s is not supported.Cannot change datatype for column %s from a character type to a non-character type.found unknown switchpage size parameter missingPage size specified (%ld) greater than limit (8192 bytes)redirect location for output is not specifiedconflicting switches for backup/restoredevice type %s not knownprotection is not there yetpage size is allowed only on restore or createmultiple sources or destinations specifiedrequires both input and output filenamesinput and output have the same name. Disallowed.expected page size, encountered "%s"REPLACE specified, but the first file %s is a databasedatabase %s already exists. To replace it, use the -R switchdevice type not specifiedgds_$blob_info faileddo not understand BLOB INFO item %ldgds_$get_segment failedgds_$close_blob failedgds_$open_blob failedFailed in put_blr_gen_iddata type %ld not understoodgds_$compile_request failedgds_$start_request failed gds_$receive failedgds_$release_request failed gds_$database_info failedExpected database description recordfailed to create database %sRESTORE: decompression length errorcannot find table %sCannot find column for BLOBgds_$create_blob failedgds_$put_segment failedexpected record lengthwrong length record, expected %ld encountered %ldexpected data attributeFailed in store_blr_gen_iddo not recognize record type %ldExpected backup version 1, 2, or 3. Found %ldexpected backup description recordstring truncated warning -- record could not be restoredgds_$send failedno table name for dataunexpected end of file on backup filedatabase format %ld is too old to restore toarray dimension for column %s is invalidExpected XDR record lengthcannot open backup file %scannot open status and error output file %sblocking factor parameter missingexpected blocking factor, encountered "%s"a blocking factor may not be used in conjunction with device CTuser name parameter missingpassword parameter missing missing parameter for the number of bytes to be skippedexpected number of bytes to be skipped, encountered "%s"Bad attribute for RDB$CHARACTER_SETSBad attribute for RDB$COLLATIONSUnexpected I/O error while reading from backup fileUnexpected I/O error while writing to backup filecould not drop database %s (database might be in use)System memory exhaustedBad attributes for restoring SQL roleSQL role parameter missingpage buffers parameter missingexpected page buffers, encountered "%s"page buffers is allowed only on restore or createsize specification either missing or incorrect for file %sfile %s out of sequencecan't join -- one of the files missing standard input is not supported when using join operationstandard output is not supported when using split operationbackup file %s might be corruptdatabase file specification missingcan't write a header record to file %sfree disk space exhaustedfile size given (%d) is less than minimum allowed (%d)service name parameter missingCannot restore over current database, must be SYSDBA or owner of the existing database."read_only" or "read_write" requiredunable to open databaseerror in switch specificationsno operation specifiedno user name specifiedadd record errormodify record errorfind/modify record errorrecord not found for user: %sdelete record errorfind/delete record errorfind/display record errorinvalid parameter, no switch definedoperation already specifiedpassword already specifieduid already specifiedgid already specifiedproject already specifiedorganization already specifiedfirst name already specifiedmiddle name already specifiedlast name already specifiedinvalid switch specifiedambiguous switch specifiedno operation specified for parametersno parameters allowed for this operationincompatible switches specifiedInvalid user name (maximum 31 bytes allowed)Warning - maximum 8 significant bytes of password useddatabase already specifieddatabase administrator name already specifieddatabase administrator password already specifiedSQL role name already specifiedThe license file does not exist or could not be opened for readoperation already specifiedno operation specifiedinvalid switchinvalid switch combinationillegal operation/switch combinationambiguous switchinvalid parameter, no switch specifiedswitch does not take any parameterswitch requires a parametersyntax error in command lineThe certificate was not added. A duplicate ID exists in the license file.The certificate was not added. Invalid certificate ID / Key combination.The certificate was not removed. The